Gifts of Grain

Donating grain is a charitable giving option for those who want to benefit Pulaski County. Support charitable causes or organizations by donating part of your harvest to the Community Foundation.

Save tax dollars

Cash method farm operators have a unique opportunity to make a charitable contribution “above the line” (before adjusted gross income).

By delivering grain and gifting it to CFPC, you will not report the grain as income. Your expenses will remain the same, but you will not pay federal, state or self-employment tax on the value of the donated grain.

A gift of grain may be made to any fund in the foundation.

Review the complete list of funds on our Funds page. Any gift of grain NOT designated for a specific fund will go to the ACRE Fund.

Use this form to give to the elevator, letting them know you are making a gift of grain to CFPC.

What is the ACRE Fund?

What is the ACRE Fund?

The ACRE Fund (Ag Community Resource & Education) supports Pulaski County ag-related programs and causes including educational opportunities, youth programs, and local food programs. Anyone may grow the fund with additional contributions, including gifts of cash, property, livestock, and grain.

More Information

For more detailed information, call for an appointment or send us an email. You can also download our Gifts of Grain brochure.

Steps to Give a Gift of Grain

There are steps to follow to ensure that your gift is not treated like a cash contribution by the IRS, which would cause you to lose the intended tax benefits.

  1. When you deliver grain to your elevator, let them know you are making a gift of grain to the Community Foundation and are transferring ownership of it before it is sold.
  2. The elevator will separate the amount of grain you are giving to CFPC from the rest of the grain you are selling/storing. It will be sold in the Community Foundation’s name per its instructions, and CFPC will receive a check from the sale of the grain you donated.
  3. The Community Foundation will send you a receipt for the grain donated. The receipt will indicate amount of grain, type of grain, and date donated.

Check with your elevator and look for the sign showing their participation in the Gifts of Grain option.