Types of Funds

Community Foundation of Pulaski County accepts permanent, non-permanent, and growing funds. Permanent funds are invested, and only the income is made available for grantmaking. The principal is not spent but retained for growth.

Non-permanent funds generally provide grant support from fund assets as well as income.

The following is a list of fund types. You can find a complete list of funds below.


A permanent endowment fund can be established at the Community Foundation with a gift of $10,000 or more. Scholarship funds require a minimum of $30,000.


Unrestricted Funds provide the Foundation with the flexibility to decide where the earnings can be used most effectively each year to meet community needs as they change over time.


Designated Funds are established by a donor or organization to benefit one or more specific charities.


These funds allow donors to support a cause or area of charitable interest without naming a specific charity. The Foundation makes grants from the fund to appropriate programs that address the particular broad field of interest.


Advised funds offer donors the opportunity for ongoing involvement with the fund. Donors may suggest possible grant recipients to the Foundation each year.


Agencies and organizations may establish an endowment to support their charitable mission. In doing so, the nonprofit group receives a stream of revenue to fulfill its purpose.


Scholarship funds are established to help students achieve their educational goals using eligibility requirements important to the donor. Discretionary scholarships receive no advice or recommendations from the donor for recipient selection. Advised scholarships allow the donor or designee to participate in an advisory role.


Each of the types of permanent funds listed above may also be created in non-permanent form. These are typically short-term funds and shall be held in an account with no earnings, gains or losses credited.


These temporary or pass-through funds are established for charitable community projects or goals and are typically short-term funds that shall be held in an account with no earnings, gains, or losses credited. The entire principal of the fund is eventually expended for the purpose intended. The minimum required is $250.


Growing Funds help donors grow and establish charitable endowments through regular additions. Donors may begin a named fund with a minimum of $4,000 for endowments or $8,000 for scholarships if the corpus is likely to reach the required fund minimum within 3 years.

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List of Funds

The following is an alphabetical list of CFPC Funds. Please note that Scholarship funds can be found on our Scholarship Funds page.

Arrow Head Country Fund

Birthright of Rensselaer Endowment Fund
Board of Directors Fund
Bonnell Family Golf Fund
Sherald and Verla Bonnell Family Educational Fund

Donald and Thelma Crise Fund

Eclectic Fund
James A. Ehlers Unrestricted Fund

Fellowship Baptist Church of Winamac Endowment Fund
Allen and Mary Ann Finke Faith Fund
First Christian Church of Winamac Endowment Fund
First United Methodist Church of Winamac, Indiana Fund
Mary Melvin Frank Community Fund
James A. Freeman Memorial Christmas Fund
Friends of the Panhandle Pathway Endowment Fund

Rhonda Jean Galbreath Memorial Fund
Gateway Woods Fund
Guidance Nursery School Fund
Elden and Mary Lee Gutwein Family Fund
Harvey R. Gutwein Family Fund

Herb and Martha Hoch Fund
Holy Family Foundation Fund

Junior Achievement Serving Pulaski County
Marjorie Prendergast Keller and Clement V. Keller, Sr. 4-H Fund
“Kids Are Our Future” Klitzman Family Fund
Roland Leslin Charitable and Religious Trust Fund

Medaryville Fire Station Construction Fund
Mellon Patch Community Fund
Monterey Community Fund
Michael and Sherry O’Connor Family Fund
Operating Endowment

Mary Powers Extension Education Fund
Pulaski Alliance for Community Education
Pulaski Animal Center Endowment Fund
Pulaski County Care Fund
Pulaski County Chamber of Commerce
Pulaski County Fund for Persons with Developmental Disabilities
Pulaski County Health and Wellness Fund
Pulaski County Historical Society
Pulaski County Library Fund
Pulaski Health Foundation Resident Activities Support Fund

Michael J. Rausch Community Fund
Harold J. Righter Memorial Fund
Rose Family Fund
William R. & Patricia J. Roth “We Care” Fund
Russell-Ledley Family Fund
Bess A. Russell Fund
Fred C. Russell Memorial Fund

Janet Simmermaker Early Childhood Literacy Fund
Emil Smolek Endowment Fund
Snowball Golf Endowment Fund
St. James Salem United Church of Christ Fund
Star City Community Fund
Star City United Methodist Church Endowment Fund
St. Paul Lutheran Church Fund
Stout Humane Society Fund

The Birdie Fund
Richard W. Thompson Family Fund
Uptown Project Endowment Fund

West Central School Education Foundation Fund
Wildlife Conservation and Education of Pulaski County Fund
Wilson Family Fund
Winamac Community Fireworks Fund
Winamac Kiwanis Fund
Winamac Church of the Nazarene Endowment Fund
Winamac Park Fund
Winamac Splash Pad Fund
Winamac Tree Committee

If you’re interested in knowing more about a particular fund or donating to a fund, visit our online donation portal.