GIFT VIII is matching gifts in our community, and we are so excited!

Lilly Endowment Inc. announced the newest round of its Giving Indiana Funds for Tomorrow community foundation initiative, GIFT VIII. Through GIFT VIII initiatives, Indiana’s community foundations can enhance the quality of life in their communities by convening conversations among people of diverse ages, socioeconomic backgrounds, occupations, races, and cultural traditions about their communities’ most compelling needs and opportunities, as well as the best ways to address them.

Per our GIFT VII efforts in 2019, the Community Foundations of Pulaski and White counties solidified our need to address quality childcare in our communities. We hope to continue that work with GIFT VIII!

We reached out to Transform Consulting Group (TCG) for assistance with the GIFT VIII Community Leadership Grant and the planning process leading to a concept paper submission by April 30, 2024. TCG used the collective impact process, which aligns well with Lilly Endowment’s Community Leadership framework for community foundations. 

Throughout the process of collecting and analyzing data, we have learned so much about how quality childcare helps our communities and how we can improve it. This report outlines the data we found and the goals we need to meet for our families and providers. Some things to note are as follows:

Quality childcare affects both local economies and community development. In order to meet the demands of our communities for a positive impact, there needs to be up to 900 seats of dedicated childcare providers.

Affordability is a huge factor. Between our families’ need to be able to afford quality childcare and our providers’ need to sustain their business and level of quality.

Steps are already being taken to address these needs. Employers are exploring opportunities to expand or build childcare programs, and funds are being raised and awarded for the community. 

It will take all of us working together—businesses, government, families, and philanthropy—to ensure that the needs of our communities can be met.

Interested in the details or looking for how you can help? Contact us today!