Thank you to everyone who participated in GIVINGTUESDAY 2021 --  over $20,000 was contributed through CFPC that day!  You were part of a GLOBAL giving event that day; watch the video below to see how the world participated:

View a Video from GIVINGTUESDAY.

Businesses                                                           Donors

Alliance Bank                                                       Anonymous                           Jim & Julie Hanus                     Sam & Carol Marks

First Federal Savings Bank                                 Mike & Kaye Beall                 Jack & Karen Jones                  Tony Pesaresi

Kasten Brothers Spraying LLC                           Amy Beechy                          Jill Kasten                                  Brian & Shane Pilarski

Patio Drive-In                                                      Adam & Mandy Bennett        Stephanie Keller                       Kim Pinkerton

PulaskiPost                                                          Jack & Pam Burger               John & Barb Kleinofen             Steve & Barb Rausch

Sand County Ag                                                  Adam & Jill Collins                Lance & Renee Kruger             Chuck & Wendy Rose

                                                                              Tim & Diana Day                   Brian & MacKenzie Ledley       Peach Roth

                                                                              Mike Gallenberger                Greg & Rhonda Lower              Adam & Beth Smith

                                                                              April Gardner                                                                           Kathy Wilson

On GivingTuesday 2021, the Community Foundation encouraged gifts to the Community Grants Fund to support  community aspirations. Donors could select any area to support, and more than $11,000 was contributed! Pulaski County's four areas of aspiration  are for a community that is:

  • Thriving & Growing  -  $3,971 contributed
  • Safe & Drug-Free  -  $2,121 contributed
  • Welcoming & Open-Minded  -  $1,721 contributed
  • Forward Thinking Leadership  -  $3,321 contributed

Click here for a list of projects and programs that have already received grant support in these areas. 

Learn more at or