Start a Fund

You can invest in Pulaski County's future through a permanent endowment in the Community Foundation and create a legacy for yourself, your family, your community that will make a lasting difference. 

Pictured to the right are fund founders Bill and Peach Roth.  They created the William R. and Patricia J. Roth "We Care" Fund and the Pulaski Animal Center Endowment Fund because they care about the needs of the community and because of their love for animals.

As a fund donor, you: 

Decide when to give - now, through your will, or in a trust arrangement. 

Decide what to give - almost any type of asset can be used such as cash, stock, real estate, life insurance. 

Choose a name for your fund - many are named for the donor or as a memorial. 

Choose a type of fund - depending on your charitable interests. 

Our staff will be happy to assist you in this process. Contact us for a time to meet together and ask questions, discuss your goals, and explore options.