Alphabetical Listing of CFPC Funds  

Scholarship funds can be found on Scholarships page



Arrow Head Country Fund



Birthright of Rensselaer Endowment Fund

Board of Directors Fund

Bonnell Family Golf Fund

Sherald and Verla Bonnell Family Educational Fund



Donald and Thelma Crise Fund



Eclectic Fund

James A. Ehlers Unrestricted Fund



Fellowship Baptist Church of Winamac Endowment Fund

Allen and Mary Ann Finke Faith Fund

First Christian Church of Winamac Endowment Fund

First United Methodist Church of Winamac, Indiana Fund

Mary Melvin Frank Community Fund

James A. Freeman Memorial Christmas Fund

Friends of the Panhandle Pathway Endowment Fund



Rhonda Jean Galbreath Memorial Fund

Gateway Woods Fund

Guidance Nursery School Fund

Elden and Mary Lee Gutwein Family Fund

Harvey R. Gutwein Family Fund



Herb and Martha Hoch Fund

Holy Family Foundation Fund



Junior Achievement Serving Pulaski County

Marjorie Prendergast Keller and Clement V. Keller, Sr. 4-H Fund

“Kids Are Our Future” Klitzman Family Fund

Roland Leslin Charitable and Religious Trust Fund



Medaryville Fire Station Construction Fund

Mellon Patch Community Fund

Monterey Community Fund

Michael and Sherry O’Connor Family Fund

Operating Endowment



Mary Powers Extension Education Fund

Pulaski Alliance for Community Education

Pulaski Animal Center Endowment Fund

Pulaski County Care Fund

Pulaski County Chamber of Commerce

Pulaski County Fund for Persons with Developmental Disabilities

Pulaski County Health and Wellness Fund

Pulaski County Historical Society

Pulaski County Library Fund

Pulaski Health Foundation Resident Activities Support Fund



Michael J. Rausch Community Fund

Harold J. Righter Memorial Fund

Rose Family Fund

William R. & Patricia J. Roth “We Care” Fund

Russell-Ledley Family Fund

Bess A. Russell Fund

Fred C. Russell Memorial Fund



Janet Simmermaker Early Childhood Literacy Fund

Emil Smolek Endowment Fund

Snowball Golf Endowment Fund

St. James Salem United Church of Christ Fund

Star City Community Fund

Star City United Methodist Church Endowment Fund

St. Paul Lutheran Church Fund

Stout Humane Society Fund



The Birdie Fund

Richard W. Thompson Family Fund

Uptown Project Endowment Fund



West Central School Education Foundation Fund

Wildlife Conservation and Education of Pulaski County Fund

Wilson Family Fund

Winamac Kiwanis Fund

Winamac Church of the Nazarene Endowment Fund

Winamac Park Fund

Winamac Splash Pad Fund

Winamac Tree Committee