aspirations in action

In late 2021, the Aspirations in Action Steering Committee was formed and identified Broadband, Housing, Downtown Development, and Recreation/Tourism as key areas the Foundation should focus on for community impact.  Work has successfully launched in three of the four priority areas.   Read more...


    A broadband network/high-speed internet positively impacts commerce, education, health and public safety, cultural enrichment, government operations, and aids in countless conveniences and efficiencies in our lives.  Is is as critical to the future of economic growth as access to a telephone line.  

  • housing

    Housing is economic development. Economic growth is optimized when we build enough of the housing that the talent we want to attract and retain can both afford and enjoy the place they choose to live.

  • downtown development

    Downtowns are the heart and soul of our communities.  They are also an indicator of economic health, partnership between the private and public sector, local quality of life, community pride and history.

  • recreation/tourism

    Pulaski County has many natural assets that could be leveraged to increase investment in our community. Over 30 stakeholders have been identified for potential formation of a Tourism Task Force. This area of aspiration will be revisited once the other initiatives are well underway.