The Quality Childcare Coalition of Pulaski County, in partnership with local businesses and the Community Foundation of Pulaski County, are collaborating to address childcare needs in the community. Pulaski County was awarded a $750,000 grant through the Family and Social Services Administration (FSSA) of Indiana.

This is the second round of funding from the FSSA and is intended to increase childcare capacity for all residents and employees in the Pulaski community. The grant is not specific to any single employer but is designed to support all children, parents, and employers in the Pulaski County area.

“Increasing access to quality childcare in our county is a huge step forward towards making Pulaski a more welcoming and sustainable community for employers and families,” said Leeann Wright, Executive Director of the Community Foundation of Pulaski County. “We are thrilled to support the work of the Quality Childcare Coalition to help our families and community partners. This will help a lot of residents live and work with better security and support!”

Money from this grant will provide business expansion support to licensed in-home providers to increase the number of seats available. The grant also supports start-up and licensing costs for those interested in becoming licensed in-home providers. In addition, the grant will also support the establishment of childcare centers or new programs in Francesville and Winamac.

”Early childhood education plays a vital role in our state, preparing children with critical learning experiences to support their development while supporting their families in working or seeking further education and training, ultimately improving their economic and social mobility,” reads the FSSA’s fund overview. “However, Hoosier families often face barriers in accessing child care due to local access gaps and affordability challenges. This dynamic leaves families in difficult positions as they make trade-offs about care decisions or leave the workforce altogether. The adverse effects trickle over into the business community, costing employers billions in recruitment challenges, absenteeism, and high turnover rates.”

The Quality Childcare Coalition continues to collaborate with local employers and providers in working to meet the needs of families. Together, the group will develop a comprehensive countywide plan to increase access and affordability to quality childcare for all.