We here at the foundation would like to give a round of applause for our 2024 scholarship recipients!

Scholarship Recipients

  • Ernest D Armstrong III Memorial Scholarship | Destini Gould
  • Paul Baker Memorial Scholarship | Kaden Burns
  • Alberta J Barnhouse Memorial Teacher Scholarship |  Dennis Bellaire
  • Bowden Family Student Athlete Scholarship | Maggie Smith
  • Linda L. Keys Braun Memorial Scholarship | Kelsey Wegner
  • Katherine L. Brown Scholarship and Achievement Award | Kaden Burns and Olivia Link
  • Marshall and Lola Carper Scholarship | Piper Link and Timothy Gearhart
  • Thomas and Ola Carneal Scholarship | Allie Sanders and Jaden Erb
  • Don Chapman C reative Writing Memorial Scholarship | Olivia Link
  • Conn Family Scholarship | Kaden Burns and Kelsey Wegner
  • Frank and Evelyn Fechner Scholarship | Aidan Smith
  • Future Builders Scholarship | Max Keller and Jeff Richwine
  • Tom Hoover Memorial Scholarship | Spencer Leman
  • Irene Frees Teaching Scholarship Award | Hannah Barcus
  • Galbreath Scholarship | Drake Fritz
  • Alexandra (“Ali”) Gibson Memorial Scholarship | Bianca Huizar
  • Giving Back Scholarship | Alexa Schultz
  • Bob Goble Memorial Scholarship | Piper Link
  • William O. (Billy) Goble Memorial Scholarship | Conner Burton
  • Don O & Mary M Good Memorial Scholarship | Aleksander Stacy
  • Agnes Hartman Scholarship | Maggie Smith
  • Ralph E. and Sarah M. Horner Scholarship Award | Bianca Huizar and Timothy Gearhart
  • John C Keller Ag Scholarship | Annie Harsch
  • Everett and Ethel Knebel Scholarship | Talan Braun
  • Roland and Nancy Lowry Memorial Scholarship | Raegan Kasten
  • Pulaski County Sheriff’s Office Scholarship | Piper Link
  • Francis & Gertrude Rausch Ag Scholarship | John Malchow
  • Judge Jack Richert Memorial Scholarship | Conner Burton
  • Earl D. Roudebush Memorial Scholarship | Bianca Huizar
  • Senn Family Scholarship | John Malchow 
  • Emil Smolek Scholarship | Hannah Barcus
  • Albert Lee Weaver Memorial Scholarship | John Malchow
  • Winamac Conservation Club Scholarship | Olivia Link
  • Winamac Rotary Club Scholarship | Aidan Smith

Non-Traditional Scholarship Recipients

    Back Home Again In Indiana Scholarship | Kelly Sass

    Back Home Again In Indiana Scholarship | Alexis Swartzell

     Congratulations on all your hard work. We can’t wait to see how you’ll go on to represent our community in school and beyond!