Housing is economic development. Economic growth is optimized when we build enough of the housing that the talent we want to attract and retain can both afford and enjoy the place they choose to live.

The Housing Resource Hub (Hub) was hired to assist in launching a housing initiative to meet the needs of the community by guiding the development and implementation of a workforce housing strategy. 

The Housing Task Force, chaired by Nathan Origer of the CDC, includes:  Bill Champion, Dara Chezem, Adam Collins, Andrew Fritz, Holly Galbreath, Sheila Jimenez, MacKenzie Ledley, Lisa Malchow, Gregg Malott, Vicki Overmyer, Elizabeth Price, Karla Redweik and Wendy Rose. Development priorities and a catalyst site are currently being determined.

Housing symposium

July, 2022  The Pulaski County Housing Symposium was presented by the Housing Resource Hub and sponsored by CFPC and the Community Development Commission. The Hub completed a county-wide housing study earlier and discussed the results of the study, types of housing needed, barriers, and ways to move forward  at the symposium.  Over forty individuals attended, including employers, elected officials, businesses and residents.    

actions and updates

Below are updates and opportunities for participation.

Also find a summary of events and actions intended to move the Housing initiative forward.

  • Updates/opportunities

    Scheduled Housing Strategy Task Force meetings:  May, August, November at 12:30 pm.

    Share your input and help shape the development of the housing program!

    Visit www.yourhousingresource.org/pulaski to share your dreams, preferences and ideas about the housing strategy. 

    Learn more about Pulaski County's housing strategy and view the housing market potential results on the website.

  • Successes and investments

    Accomplishments in 2022 included:

    • CFPC contracted with the Hub, in partnership with Community Development Commission
    • Received market potential data through Hub analysis
    • Successful Housing Symposium with 40 local leaders
    • Pulaski County's "community page" created at   https://www.yourhousingresource.org/pulaski
    • Local employers reaffirmed importance of available and affordable local housing for their workforce - Braunability representatives shared such needs at local and county government meetings
    • Employer-assisted housing webinar in November
    • CDC received go-ahead to establish a Redevelopment Commission
    • Catalyst site identification is underway with Town of Winamac participation and county support
  • Educational webinar for government officials

    A "Capital Stacking 101" webinar was provided by the Hub in January, 2023 for Winamac Town Council and Housing Task Force members. The goal was to provide information about how they stand to benefit from housing development and the Return on Investment they make in development.

  • Market Potential Analysis

    Click on the circle to review the full Market Potential Analysis completed in the summer of 2022 for Pulaski County.