A broadband network/high-speed internet positively impacts commerce, education, health and public safety, cultural enrichment, government operations, and aids in countless conveniences and efficiencies in our lives. It is as critical to the future of economic growth as access to a telephone line.

During an intensive community action planning workday in 2021, Consultant Scott Rudd (Indiana's first Director of Broadband) made a presentation followed by education and guidance for local volunteers interested in achieving what would become their mission to "Bring High Speed Broadband to Every Acre of Pulaski County."

The Pulaski County Task Force was created with Kurt Dickey as Chair and members:  Diana Day, Josh Stacy, Kathi Thompson, Nathan Origer, and Wendy Rose.  The larger Broadband Council includes representatives from Indiana Farm Bureau, the Indiana Broadband office, K-IRPC, County Highway, County Commissioner, schools, hospital, realty,  libraries, sheriff, and nonprofits.

Together, they coordinated a county-wide speed test effort, prepared grant support letters to assist providers, worked on mapping and strategic planning in addition to the Broadband Ready celebration with Lt. Governor Suzanne Crouch in May of 2022.

actions and outcomes

Below are updates and opportunities for participation.

Also find a summary of events and actions intended to move the Broadband initiative forward

  • updates and opportunities

    February 2023 - County government Joint Session approved the use of ARP funds for a qualified engineering firm to develop a countywide broadband plan. This "roadmap" will assist stakeholders in ensuring widespread and clear deployment of broadband, as well as provide a map targeting areas in need of service, right-of-way preferences, possible coordination for public wifi spots, etc. 

    Community engagement can expedite and expand broadband investments to home, farm, and business.  

    • Take the Farm Bureau Speed Test at to ensure that every home and acre that needs service is accounted for and is made eligible for the millions of dollars Indiana will be dispersing in the coming years for broadband.
    • Review the FCC map at and ensure your location and coverage info is accurate – and if not, to dispute it with a “challenge.”

  • successes and investments

    Thanks to the Broadband Task Force and Council, successes in 2022 included:

    • Speed Test efforts and letters of support provided support for State Next Level Connections broadband grants to providers Rochester Telephone Company and Mercury Broadband.
    • Lightstream, Nextlink, RTC and Mercury Broadband have secured millions of dollars in grants to bring high speed internet to thousands of acres in Pulaski County.  The Task Force held conversations with providers to promote and expand investments.
    • The Broadband Ready Celebration with the Lt. Governor brought positive statewide attention to Pulaski County.  
  • Lt. Governor gives keynote at broadband celebration

    In May of 2022, Lt. Governor Suzanne Crouch gave the keynote at the Broadband Ready Celebration that also highlighted Winamac and Star City 'Smart Rural Cities' designation, and significant investments in fiber by providers.  The Lt. Governor credited local efforts and acknowledged the importance of continuing efforts in all areas of aspiration.  Read the WKVI story

  • Indiana Speed test, broadband map and challenge

    Through a targeted and county-wide campaign including some door-to-door efforts, the number of speed test results for Pulaski County were increased from less than 100 to over 700 -- one of the highest in the state!  This enables more accurate data to help bring grant dollars to unserved and underserved broadband areas.

    Early in 2023 the FCC released a new U.S. map for review and challenge to guide funding for building broadband infrastructure in Indiana. The Task Force supported efforts to get the word out. For deeper insight, visit

  • strategic advisor

    Scott Rudd was hired in 2022 as broadband consultant and strategic advisor for this local initiative.  Rudd most recently served as the state's first Director of Broadband Opportunities and established the Indiana Broadband Office serving on the Lt. Governor's Cabinet where he developed and executed the state’s first broadband strategy.  

    We appreciate our county government for assuming the contract with Scott for 2023 -- indicating their recognition of the need for high-speed internet for our citizens.