Community foundation welcomes new directors

Winamac, IN, January 23, 2018 The Community Foundation of Pulaski County welcomes 3 new members to its Board of Directors for 2018. Incoming members are: Kaye Beall, Megan Moon and Tim Gearhart, and each will serve a three-year term, with a maximum of three full consecutive terms of service.

Kaye Beall has served on the Foundation’s Grant Committee for the past two years and is currently Project Director at World Education, Inc. Kaye’s experience in grant management and proposal writing for non-profit organizations will continue to be a valuable asset to the foundation. Kaye is also involved with the Winamac First United Methodist Church and Friends of the Panhandle Pathway. Beall is eager to be involved with the Foundation and excited about the opportunity to give back to Pulaski County.

Megan Moon also joins the foundation board for 2018 and works as an Administrative Assistant for the Pulaski Memorial Hospital. Megan is a graduate of Indiana University and her  administrative experience will be valuable for the foundation board, and for the organization and planning of the foundation committees.

Tim Gearhart joins the board with diverse knowledge and experience in non-profit environments and will bring a wealth of knowledge to the organization. Tim is the VP of Clinic Operations at Pulaski Memorial Hospital.

Continuing to lead the Board of Directors is President Gregg Malott, Director of Business Development at Pulaski Memorial Hospital and he is joined by officers including:

Vice-President:           Don Street

Treasurer:                   Robert Simpson

Secretary:                   Darlene Mellon

Remaining directors for the 2018 Foundation Board include Robert Conn, Missy Culp, Katie Degroot, Julie Hanus, Robert Klitzman, Vicki Overmyer, Shane Pilarski, and Dan Zylstra.

Executive Director, Wendy Rose, continues to assist the organization in growing endowed funds that will serve and enrich our community. Rose said, “I am excited about the hometown passion and depth of experience the three new board members will bring to the board in 2018. Their roots and hearts are in Pulaski County, and their professional and nonprofit experience will further strengthen our existing board.” Rose added that the Community Foundation looks forward to making even greater impact in 2018 and will soon unveil a new year-round grant process. The Community Foundation continues to serve individuals, businesses and other organizations that wish to strengthen our community today and tomorrow. 

Now offering year-round grant opportunities

Winamac, IN, February 1, 2018 The Community Foundation of Pulaski County (CFPC) has announced that it will offer year-round grant opportunities starting this year. There will no longer be grant deadlines, so applicants may submit applications online at any time throughout the year. This new grant process will allow proposals to be accepted on a continuous basis, without deadline, giving grant seekers the opportunity to apply when they wish as opposed to waiting for an annual grant cycle.

The mission of the Community Foundation of Pulaski County is to encourage the growth of permanent funds to serve and enrich our community today and tomorrow. By opening this window, the foundation will broaden its commitment to improve the quality of life in Pulaski County by funding community programs and projects on a year-round basis.

The Community Foundation offers several types of grants through an application process, including youth grants, field of interest grants and community grants to provide support to organizations throughout Pulaski County. This year, the foundation has also added two additional grant opportunities through sustainability and impact grants. Sustainability grants offer 501(c)(3) organizations the opportunity to create their own endowment funds in the Community Foundation with a matching grant up to $5,000. Impact grants are for organizations seeking funds to support a large project in the range of $10,000 - $20,000. Grant making areas of interest include community development, education, and environment.

All CFPC grants shall serve Pulaski County and its communities. Past grant recipients should be aware that some changes to requirements and procedures have been made. Grant seekers should carefully review all grant guidelines and are encouraged to contact the CFPC office before submitting a proposal. Specific requirements pertaining to each type of grant are included on the individual applications and can be found on the foundation’s website. 

foundation board approves new sheriff's office scholarship

Winamac, IN, January 4, 2018 Last month the Community Foundation of Pulaski County board of directors approved a pass-through fund created by the Pulaski County Sheriff’s Office to support students from both Winamac and West Central who decide to study law enforcement.

The fund was originally created by Sheriff Jeffery Richwine as a way to encourage our youth to come back to our community after completing their education and to bring more local deputies into the area. Richwine wants to encourage students to serve their hometowns in Pulaski County and be a part of giving back to our communities.  

Starting in spring of 2018, scholarships will be presented to one graduating senior from Winamac and West Central who plan to study in the field of Criminal Justice.

Back in January of 2017, the Pulaski County Sheriff’s Office started raising money to start the scholarship fund by organizing a fundraiser called “No Shave January.” The Sheriff’s Office was able to collect enough funds during that time to spearhead the project and is now focused on promoting the fund in efforts to encourage additional contributions. The Sheriff’s Office will continue to organize activities and events to raise additional donations toward the fund.

For additional questions about the Pulaski County Sheriff’s Office Scholarship, you may contact the Community Foundation office or Sheriff Jeffery Richwine at (574) 946-6655.