Grants and How to Apply

The Community Foundation holds a variety of funds that make distributions to a broad range of charitable agencies and programs. The majority of grants are usually made from investment income earned on permanently endowed funds.  Some grants are made from unrestricted funds; funds where donors have directed a specific charitable field or purpose; or funds where donors are allowed to submit recommendations for distributions.  

Unrestricted community grants are typically made through annual competitive grant cycles with earnings from the Community Grants Fund.  All grant applications are completed online through the CFPC website when available.  Starting in 2018, grant applications will be available year-round. 

Click here to view the latest grant guidelines.  

A budget summary form is a required attachment for Community Grants. Click here for budget form.

CFPC grants shall serve Pulaski County and its communities.  Specific requirements pertaining to each type of grant are included on the individual applications.

  • Community grant application

    Community Grants are for organizations seeking grants in the range of several hundred to several thousand dollars.  These are designed to be awarded to several organizations, providing support throughout Pulaski County. 

    To apply for a community grant click on following link:

    Community Grant Application

  • youth grant application

    Youth grants are for youth organizations seeking grants up to $500 to improve existing programs or create new youth projects in the school or community.

    Click here to apply for a youth grant

  • field of interest grant application

    Field of Interest funds offer grants in particular areas, or fields.  There are two grants available for specific charitable purposes:  

    The Sherald & Verla Bonnell Family Educational Fund supports programs and services on behalf of educationally disadvantaged children or adults in Pulaski County. 

    Richard W Thompson Fund supports adult education.  

    To apply for a field of interest grant, click on the following link: 

    Field of Interest Grant Application  

  • Sustainability grant (new)

    Sustainability grants offer 501(c)(3) organizations the opportunity to create their own endowment fund in the Community Foundation. Grant will provide a $1:$1 match up to $5,000.  May be awarded to more than one organization. 

    Click here for sustainability grant guidelines and to apply for sustainability grant.

  • impact grant (new)

    Impact grants are for organizations seeking funds to support a large project in the range of $10,000-$20,000.  

    A Letter of Intent is the first step in seeking an Impact Grant.  

    Grantmaking areas of interest are:  

         ~ Education

         ~ Environment/placemaking

         ~ Community Development